Doctrinal Training Teams (DTT)

Company Name:
Cubic Corporation
Provide mission command support to ARNG divisions, brigades, and battalion staffs to include training assistance and exercise support to ARNG units; will support live, virtual, constructive, and Gaming (LVC-G) training support services to ARNG Commander and Soldiers with focus on on pre-mobilization and collective war fighting tasks IAW the ARFORGEN model and other pre-mobilization training requirements outlined in Army Regulations. Plan, coordinate, prepare, and conduct battle CPX's, Integrated STAFFEX's, Section STAFFEX's, Fires EX's, LOGEXs, Digital COMMEXs, Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) workshops, Tactical Operations Center (TOC), proficiency training and other supporting events/activities associated with these exercises. Will support up to 26 training events per year per team.
Coach, teach, and mentor units during the conduct of support to assist units in planning and executing;
Digital (ERF supported) Command Post Exercises (CPX's)
Integrated Staff Exercise (STAFFEX)
Fires EX
Logistics Exercise (LOGEX)
Digital Communications Exercise (COMMEX)
Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Develop doctrinally current training materials including higher command operations orders, reports, briefings and lead requested workshops
Previous Senior Army/ARNG leadership position with management background and Combat Training Center (CTC) experience (or similar)
Combat Arms, Combat Support, or Combat service Support Officer/NCO, with primary staff experience at Battalion, Brigade and or Division level (or similar)
Previous Battalion or Higher Commander/SGM (or similar)
At least six years of combined staff experience within the specific War Fighting Function, or eight years of specialized experience in a MCTSP duty position, or a similar position
War Fighter Function area Army Mission Command System qualification
Recent experience working within the National Guard training support system, or similar system
Two or more years working with and using Computer Assisted Training Exercises
MEL 4, MEL 1 preferred (or similar)
Possess a Secret Clearance or ability to get clearance

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