Information Systems Integration Teams (ISIT)

Company Name:
Cubic Corporation
Provide assistance to the unit commanders to integrate Information Systems and establish the unit command post as a mission command system, ensuring the staff is confident in establishing and employing the system to support the commander's decision making.
Provide New Equipment Training (NET) for Information Systems is initiated by The Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T). The Command Post Validation Exercise (CPVX), formerly consisted of Mission Command Systems Integration (MCSI) Event I (New Equipment Training) and Event II (Staff Integration Training).Provide support the Command Post Exercise (CPX), formerly MCSI Event III (Command Post Integration Training) as part of the unit's Information Systems Integration Training; Support Unit's culminating training event as directed by the MCTSP Program Manager and/or the MTC Commander.
Support the integration of emerging technologies and capabilities into the command post.
oAbility to establish, troubleshoot and maintain a command post tactical network (LAN/WAN)
oAbility to configure, establish, and operate SICPS equipment with unit data products to support tactical network and command post operations
oAbility to integrate C2 enablers into unit's tactical network (JNN, ADAM, C2OTM, ect).
oAbility to perform basic IS/IA troubleshooting and configuration
oKnowledgeable on the use of and operations of mission command networks and systems, voice systems, and data systems
oAbility to be cleared to for work on Military Installation and get a clearance
oknowledgeable in the establishment of Power Grid(s) to support CP operations
oProficient in the use, operation and integration of IS in a complex digital environment
oAbility to provide integration instructions on various IS in support of CP operations
oKnowledgeable of Army operations Process
oKnowledgeable in War Fighting Functions (WFF), CP War Fighting Function Cells and Staff operations
oKnowledgeable in the set up, establishment and operation of SICPS equipment
oKnowledgeable in the establishment of the Power Grid to support CP operations
oAbility to perform basic system administrative functions on IS (troubleshooting and configuration)
oAbility to present Command Post Integration Training CPX, (formerly MCIS Event III) and limited refresher/sustainment training of appropriate portions of NET and Staff Integration CPVX (formerly MCIS Events I and II)
Applicant selected will be subject to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

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